Hair Care Tips



Before going to bed detangle hair by brushing and braid into large braids. Cover hair with a bonnet to reduce friction between pillow and bundles.



Detangle using wide tooth comb or paddle brush. Combs and Brushes with small bristles can damage and rip hair from weft.



Co wash bundles at least once a week with a sulfate and alcohol free high moisture conditioner.  Shampooing is not needed and in fact can dry out bundles if not high quality. 



Co Wash hair before installation for best results, this allows hair to breathe and take away any smell that may have been picked up. 



For wavy & curly hair always co wash before installation. Co washing the hair will help with detangling and achieving desired style.



Make sure to use a curl defining cream or leave in conditioner while hair is wet to lock in moisture and shape of curls. 



Hair can be colored, straightened, and curled. Treat hair with same care you show your real hair for long lasting bundles! Be good to your bundles and they will be good to you.